Former Arizona Gov. Dismisses Hispanics: ‘They Don’t Vote’

Let’s show she is wrong again !

Former Arizona Gov. Dismisses Hispanics: ‘They Don’t Vote’



From POLITICO – The cruelest campaign: Republicans in Hispanic districts

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The cruelest campaign: Republicans in Hispanic districts


By Rachael Bade

MIAMI — It was a rare feel-good moment in a vicious campaign: Flanked by House Speaker Paul Ryan in an elementary school this week, freshman GOP Rep. Carlos Curbelo promoted a pet program to help children of immigrants in his Hispanic-heavy district learn English.…


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Kids pick Clinton over Trump in nationwide mock election

I guess our students are smarter than some grumpy seniors lol


News Taco -Your Tuesday morning brief

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A reported 15,000 people attended the Riseup As One crossborder concert this past weekend. Colombian singer Carlos Vives, pictured above, was one of many artists who performed at a venue that straddles the U.S-Mexico border in Tijuana/San Diego. The event was staged at the Cross Border Xpress facility where a pedestrian bridge connects the Tijuana, Mexico, airport with a terminal on the U.S. side. The concert, organized by Univision and Fusion, was intended to celebrate U.S.-Mexico connectedness. The show included performances by Juanes, Los Tigres del Norte, Lila Downs and Alejandro Sanz.

TUESDAY, October 18, 2016

REDLatinaDFW VICE: New Latino voters could turn Texas into a swing state — eventually

To examine the school enrollment over the past 10 years will tell anyone how this state’s diversity will develop over the near future/decades.
But the Latinos still must register and vote, or unless the politicians change to automatically registering those who get their driver’s license.