Cowlishaw: Cowboys season ends with lousy referee explanation, controversy

Looks like the NFL rule is dumb but legal on what is a catch.From Dallas Morning News:

Cowlishaw: Cowboys season ends with lousy referee explanation, controversy


GREEN BAY, Wisc. — It looked like a catch. That was true for innocent bystanders and neutral observers and it was painfully true for Dallas fans.

But the Cowboys are the team without a leg to stand on when it comes to sympathy for overturned officials’ calls. And yet it appeared Dez Bryant had gotten one, two, maybe three legs down to put Dallas in position to knock off the Packers right here in Lambeau Field, the site of the Cowboys’ most painful playoff defeat.

Then it was ripped away and, before you knew it, Green Bay was celebrating a 26-21 victory and a date with Seattle.

“I did think it was a catch,” Head Coach Jason Garrett said. “He had three feet down and made a move common to the game. But let me make it really clear. This game wasn’t about officiating. We had 60 minutes…and we didn’t do the things necessary to win the game.”

A week ago Lions fans and Cowboys haters couldn’t believe their eyes and ears when a pass interference flag was picked up, helping to fuel Dallas’ 24-20 rally past Detroit.

This time it was a catch Bryant made inside the one-yard line, a deep throw on fourth-and-two from the Green Bay 32, another roll of the dice from the Cowboys’ ramblin’ gamblin’ head coach. Less than five minutes to play, Packers leading 26-21, it looked like the Cowboys’ playmaking receiver had put Dallas in position to regain the lead it held for most of a cold but windless afternoon here.