Richard Parker: Top 5 campaign myths on immigration

From Dallas Morning News:

Richard Parker: Top 5 campaign myths on immigration


Thank you, Donald Trump.

Exactly as I predicted two weeks ago, the New York billionaire has started a stampede of Republican presidential candidates ready to trample Mexicans, undocumented immigrants — and now, even legal immigrants.

Immigration will clearly be pivotal in the 2016 race, and to Texas generally. That’s not only because of our historic border with Mexico but also because of the diverse present, particularly in big cities that are magnets for people, including immigrants, who seek opportunies. So, I’d like to start by debunking five myths that these men are peddling and that are widely repeated by their supporters.

1. “I’m not against immigration. I’m against illegal immigration.”

This is a standard trope — up until a few days ago, when perennial Republican candidate Rick Santorum called for cutting back legal immigration by 25 percent, particularly among low and unskilled immigrants. Like Trump impugning all Mexicans, not just the undocumented, Santorum has now laid bare yet another distinction without a difference.

2. “Mexicans are flooding across the border.”