From POLITICO – Sanders challenges Clinton to 3 new debates

This is a panic attack, the debates were rigged for Hillary by being on weekends and holidays . Now being behind ,she needs the exposure to try to make some kind of come back, wow how things have changed.

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Sanders challenges Clinton to 3 new debates


By Gabriel Debenedetti

MASON CITY, Iowa — Hours after Hillary Clinton ratcheted up her pressure on him to accept an invitation to an unsanctioned debate on Feb. 4, Bernie Sanders escalated the debate by calling for three new debates.

“From the beginning of this campaign Sen. Sanders has called for more debates. Secretary Clinton has not. Now she is asking to change the rules to schedule a debate next week that is not sanctioned by the DNC. Why is that? The answer is obvious. The dynamics of the race have changed and Sen. Sanders has significant momentum,” said Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver in a statement on Wednesday night, while Sanders was speaking to a packed audience here.…


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