Art of the Steal

Art of the Steal

Art of the Steal
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The Art of the Steal

Donald Trump ripped off Texans then paid off Greg Abbott

Breaking overnight reports by the Dallas Morning News and the Houston Chronicle detail how now Governor and then Attorney General Greg Abbott shielded Donald Trump and his crooked Trump University from a state lawsuit and settlement payments of over $5 million.

Attorneys in the AG’s office had teed up a law suit to defend Texans who were being ripped off by Trump University. Their memo recommending a suit against Trump University can be seen here. They later recommended an aggressive settlement agreement that would have forced Trump University to pay a very large settlement.

Abbott was Trump’s Angel

It turns out, though, that Donald Trump had an angel in the AG’s office – at the very top. The attorneys pushing for action against Trump University were ordered to stand down, and Trump was offered a sweetheart deal to avoid any real enforcement action by simply agreeing to cease operations in the State.

Essentially, Abbott let Trump off the hook. Texans already cheated out of thousands of dollars got nothing.

Attorney John Owens who was serving as deputy chief of the consumer protection division in the AG’s office says, “The case was closed and all the Texas consumers were left high and dry.”

“We were a little shocked,” he added. When asked what he thought drove the decision, Owens answered bluntly, “politics.”

Texans were ripped off and Abbott was paid off

Texans swindled by Trump may have been left empty-handed, but not Greg Abbott. After the suit against Trump University was shut down, Donald Trump contributed $35,000 to Greg Abbott’s campaign for Governor. In addition, Abbott was allowed to list Donald Trump on fundraising invitations as an “Advocate” to impress and lure in other donors.

Abbott pay-for-play is no surprise

Just last year, we raised questions about Greg Abbott’s special connection to Donald Trump. And, throughout his tenure as Attorney General, Greg Abbott provided special treatment and sweetheart deals for insider friends and donors.

And, here is a video highlighting Abbott’s pay for play “protection racket.”

June 3, 2016
Contact: Matt Angle
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