From POLITICO – Donald Trump’s very white convention

I saw parts of convention coverage and was shocked that the republicans had as speakers the victims families of alleged crimes by undocumented persons . Not the victims of crimes, but taking and using these families to preach a politics of hate against immigrants. Although all federal statistics show immigrants commit less crimes than US citizens. This type of politics needs to be strongly rebuked by all people who believe in real American values.

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Donald Trump’s very white convention


By Alex Isenstadt and Tyler Pager

CLEVELAND — The GOP’s post-2012 autopsy reached a bold conclusion: If the party wanted to survive, it needed to make inroads among the Hispanic, black and female voters who were convinced the party had deserted them.

Now the party has nominated a candidate who is polling at historic lows among all those groups. But the speakers who will take the stage at a convention that was supposed to showcase the party’s crossover appeal are overwhelmingly white.…


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