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Graphic courtesy of the New York Times, Google Trends, Nielsen

They’re calling this graph the “Alicia Machado effect.” It tracks Google searches for “register to vote” (y axis) in cities with large concentrations of Latino residents (x axis) over the last week, when the Trump/Miss Universe story took hold in the media.

Hillary Clinton floated the 1996 issue – that Donald Trump had criticized Machado, the reigning Miss Universe, for gaining weight – during Monday’s presidential debate and Donald Trump amplified it with his public and repeated denials. The NYT piece makes three points:

“By Wednesday evening, all of the top markets for searches for “register to vote” came in heavily Latino markets in Texas, California, Nevada, Arizona and Florida. The same pattern held into Thursday.”

“Many of these markets — like those along the Rio Grande in South Texas or in California’s Central Valley — have typically had the lowest turnout and registration rates in the country.”

“And even if it does hold, the Google Trends data doesn’t prove that there will be a big surge in Hispanic registration. We’ll have to wait a few weeks for updated voter registration data.”

FRIDAY, September 30, 2016