MALDEF FAQ’s for DACA Dreamers/undocumented immigrants

Subject: MALDEF FAQ’s for DACA Dreamers/undocumented immigrants


In the past several days we have heard many concerns from students, parents and community members regarding risks and dangers for our immigrant community under a Trump presidency. We have already seen where some children are being bullied. While all of us are very busy one thing that we can do to help is share information that can help calm fears. Our community needs to know that they are not alone.

With that in mind I am attaching a list of frequently asked questions for you to share with students, friends who work with students, community groups or with your networks.

MALDEF has prepared this information and has posted this on their website ( where there is more valuable information including a statement from our president Tom Saenz on the subject. MALDEF continues its commitment to immigrants in our country. However, they can use our help. People who want to report bullying or anything else that they experience because of their undocumented status can call this number. This information can assist MALDEF attorneys should there be a need for legal action in the future.

We can also help MALDEF with contributions for the added work that they will be doing.

We have some difficult times ahead but what we have learned in the past during painful times in our history is that there is strength within our community when we support each other. We can’t do everything that needs to be done but we can do something.

In the near future there will be a need to disseminate more information and I will be using this list to do so.