Trump to fundraise in Dallas in September | The Texas Tribune

White supremacist defender Donald Trump will be coming to Dallas Sept.27 , let’s give him a hot Texas/Dallas welcome . More to come 🗽🇺🇸


Bloomberg: Texas Voter Maps Blocked as Racially Biased by U.S. Judges

Texas Voter Maps Blocked as Racially Biased by U.S. Judges

Voters cast their ballots inside Calvary Baptist Church in Rosenberg, Texas, on March 1, 2016. Texas can’t use its current voter maps in the upcoming congressional midterm elections after a panel of federal judges ruled districts approved by state Republican lawmakers illegally discriminate against Hispanic and black voters. The three-judge panel in San Antonio gave the state three days to say if and when the Texas Legislature will fix the congressional map, which the judges concluded still Read the full story

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The past and now of hate

For Dallas’ Holocaust survivors, the past has suddenly become painfully present


Trump ‘seriously considering’ a pardon for ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio | Fox News

Birds of a feather flock together. The Arizona sheriff was found guilty of racially profiling and arresting Latinos ,after being told to stop. After the violence in Virginia this week by the Klan and nazis this shows his words are hallow and his actions of supporting the worst in people’s prejudices is taking America in a dark direction.


Mexican authorities seize illicit alcohol in crackdown at resorts


The tantalizing link between obesity and depression

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The tantalizing link between obesity and depression


By Shefali Luthra

About 15 years ago, Sue McElroy, a psychiatrist in Mason, Ohio, started noticing a pattern. People came to see her because they were depressed, but they frequently had a more visible ailment as well: They were very overweight.

McElroy was convinced there had to be a connection. “Many of my [depressed] patients were obese. And they were very upset by obesity,’’ McElroy recalled. ”I looked into the literature, and it said there was no relationship. It didn’t make sense.”…


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Texas going purple in 2018

To Texas’ Republican leaders, Democratic mayors have become public enemy No. 1