Success Stories

Estate of Maria del Carmen Perales vs. Averitt Express: Plaintiff Ulises Peralas was driving the vehicle that Maria del Carmen and Juan Gerardo Silva were also in when he stopped on the side of I-35 to change a flat tire. Maria was at the back of the car and Juan Gerardo was at the rear of the vehicle. At the same time the defendant was falling asleep in an 18-wheeler and driving at a high speed when he strikes them killing both Maria and Juan Gerardo. $8,900,000 (Net to client )

Award: $8,900,000

Net to Client: $5,178,629


Esperanza Alvarado vs Cambridge Terrace: Lawyer Domingo Garcia achieved winning a case for $6,000,000 on behalf of the Alvarado Family upon arriving at an agreement with responsible parties from the Cambridge Terrace apartments of Arlington, Texas. The “responsible parties” were found guilty for the death of fourteen-year-old Esperanza Alvarado, who was killed instantly on May 2, 2002, as a result of severe electrocution while preparing to swim in the community pool.

Award: $6,000,000

Net to Client: $3,484,043


Humberto Huerta vs. USA Construction Inc. Marcie’s Mansory Inc. Plaintiff was standing on a scaffold that was 15 feet high off the ground when it suddenly collapses with the plaintiff on it. Huerta suffered many injuries and is now paralyzed. (Net to client )

Award: $5,000,000

Net to Client: $2,651,800


Santo Garcia: 18 wheeler accident. Jacquez Rene Amador turned unsafely and caused the accident. At the time of the accident, Jacquez Rene Amador was in the course and scope of his employment with the defendant, Swift Transportation Co, Inc. and Swift Transportation Corporation.

Award: $3,300,000

Net to Client: $1,137,778


Estate of Delfino Sanchez vs. Continental Cabinets Manufacturing Inc. Mr. Sanchez was working for defendant at time of the accident using a power saw cutting wood when a piece of lumber unexpectedly shot out of the saw, impaling the deceased in the stomach, and causing the serious and debilitating injuries. It wasn’t until October 15, 2006 that he died due to the injuries.

Award: $2,225,000

Net to Client: $1,324,895


Cantu vs Smith: Jury award against a DWI driver and the bar that served him. Plaintiff’s medical bills were over $81,000

Award: $1,010,000

Net to Client: $500,000


Ismael Silva vs. Cornerstone Roofing and DR Horton Homes, LTD. Plaintiff was working on the roof (while it was raining) of a house when he slipped and fell head first on the concrete. He was in the hospital for about a month received a closed head injury with cerebral edema subdural hematoma, and cerebral contusions and as a result suffers from occasional seizures.

Award: $1,000,000

Net to Client: $481,483


Estate of Felix Coronado and Maria Palacios de Coronado vs. PJ Trailers, Seminole Management Co., LLC; Paris Plastics Management, LLC: On April 15, 2006, plaintiffs’ decedent Felix Coronado, 19, a weld scrapper was working for Paris Plastics Management, LLC in Paris. A coworker was operating a forklift for only the second time, and Coronado was sitting on the forklift fender and holding the side of the forklift as it was moving. The coworker drove off a ramp, and the forklift flipped, landing on top of Coronado and crushing him to death. The case settled with the defendants tendering $1 million (policy limits) after receiving a Stowers Demand.

Award: $1,000,000

Net to Client: $588,462


Ortiz vs Martinez: Settlement for a family whose father was killed by a drunk driver. The company the driver worked for was also part of the settlement.

Award: $1,000,000

Net to Client: $588,462


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